Wednesday, April 1

EP SW TT April Fools Tabletop Simulator Legion Tournament

on Tabletop Simulator (TTS)


A Star Wars: Legion remote event hosted on Tabletop Simulator (TTS).

About this remote event

Standard match Star Wars Legion Tournament, played on Tabletop Simulator. LInks for TTS, Legion Workshop, and Tutorial have been posed in the discussion section. 

$5 Entry Fee - Venmo to by March 28th. The entry fee is to purchase prizes, and potentially to ship prizes to the winners. 

1st Prize - Custom Plastic Order Tokens
2nd Prize - Custom Plastic Round Counter
3rd - 8th Prizes - TBD

4 rounds, with a 5th round to break ties if needed. Each round report if you won or loss, and how many enemy units you eliminated. Unit elimination is for tie breaking only. 
Win = 1pt
Loss = 0 pt

On March 28th by 12:00pm, if you have paid your entry fee, you will post your tournament list to this event. Include your Battle Deck, but keep your Command Hand secret. That will be your list for the entire tournament. 

List building will be by standard Legion rules, using whatever units are available to load on TTS. Please check your list on TTS before posting it. 

First round matches will be assigned randomly, and assigned a tournament map on TTS randomly. Matchups will be posted on the event. First round will begin at 12:00pm on 4/1/2020, and you will have until 4/8/2020 to schedule and complete your match. Then report your results. 

2nd round will be seeded based on points, and unit kills. 2nd round will begin on 4/9/2020 at 12:00pm and matchups will be posted on the event page. You will have until 4/16/2020 to schedule and complete your match. Then report your results. 

Rounds 3, 4, and, if needed, 5, will proceed in the same manner. 

Winners will be announced after tallying points after the end of the last round. 


Star Wars: Legion

Date and time

Wednesday, April 1

Apr 1 @ 12:00 PM MDT

How to play

This event is hosted remotely via Tabletop Simulator (TTS). For more information contact the event organizer.