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(ONLINE) Games!

on Board Game Arena

A Yahtzee online event hosted on Board Game Arena.

About this online event

We'll try to play a game we all know(but not Yahtzee, that's Mondays) on Board Game Arena. https://boardgamearena.com
You'll need to create an account and then join the group "Beckys Meetup Groups" (I know, real original.) Follow these steps:

Go to https://boardgamearena.com/welcome

Create an account by going to log in in the upper right
***At the bottom it says register.
***Fill in your info
***Go to your email address to confirm your new account
***Confirm that you're not a robot

Follow the online steps...
***You'll be asked to try out some games. Either try out games first or click skip this step.
***You'll be asked to follow a tutorial for Can't Stop. Either follow this tutorial to learn more about using the site or click skip this step.
***You'll get a few tips on what everything means.

Join "Beckys Meetup Groups" (no apostrophe)
***Go to Community (across the top it starts with a cloud followed by play now, news.... Almost at the end is Community)
***Go to find a group and type in: Beckys Meetup Groups
***Join group

Come back to this group at 6:00 on Saturday!! https://boardgamearena.com/group?id=3738156

Once we're all here, we can chat in real time with just each other and decide which game we want to play first.

If you have any problems, call or text me. Alternatively, message me on Meetup.



Date and time

How to play

This event is hosted onlinely via Board Game Arena. For more information contact the event organizer.

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