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A 1830: Railways & Robber Barons online event.

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Infusionsoft (keap)

Infusionsoft is a platform for organizing and managing your business tasks. The main motto behind this software is to help the small scale enterprises. This software comprises of a range of useful features. It includes online sales and payment, analytics and integrated form, lead scoring, etc.

How to login to infusionsoft

After knowing about infusionsoft, many of you may want to log in this portal. The step-by-step instructions to login infusionsoft are:

Step1: Type the URL of keap’s official page login on your chosen browser.

Step2: Select the login option shown on the top at the right side.

Step3: You’ll see the columns to enter the necessary credentials.

Step4: Enter it and choose the option- login given below.

Now, if you don’t remember the password, then go to the official infusionsoft login page, then choose “Forgot your Password”. The page for reset password will appear on the screen. Now, you’ve to fill the registered email id on the respected space and select next. After that, access your registered email and check whether you received a code. Once you receive the code, enter it on the column given in the webpage and proceed.

Infusionsoft offer free trial for the people. This means if you want you can use this for free. Now, how do you sign up for the free trial?

Step1: Go to the section- Ecommerce and select the given option “promotion”.

Step2: After that choose the option – Subscription Free Trial and type all the details.

Step3: Save and fix the criteria.

Step4: Enter the needed information and save.

Features of Keap

Keap comprises of many features. This includes:

  1. Contact Management
This feature allows you to see the contact information, order and accounts balances, lead scores, history of sales and marketing and a lot more.

  1. Sales Automation
Sales automation feature will prove to be an asset for the users of Keap. It helps to create customized quotes for clients. Moreover, when the customer approves the quote, it will convert into orders automatically.

Now, when you use any new thing, you might come across certain issues. If you face any issue, then get in touch with the customer support team of infusionsoft quickly. You just have to do is dial the number: +18668000004.


The frequently asked questions about infusionsoft are:

Q. Do I experience any change in the integrations?

A. No, it will be as usual.

Q. I have some queries regarding keap. What should I do?

A. Contact the customer support team at +18668000004.


1830: Railways & Robber Barons

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