Saturday, October 24

READ CAREFULLY THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! - October Gaming meetup 2/2

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A Pandemic online event.

About this online event


Due to the current situation with world pandemic, we'll proceed with a pilot test and - if things go smooth - replicate some time in November;
kindly note that the event might be cancelled completely should the situation in The Netherlands get worse in the next days.

We will have two rounds of meetings, one from 13 to 17, the other from 18 to 22; there will be one hour of buffer to finish ongoing games/leave the premises for the other round:

- the maximum number of participants allowed will be 16 for the first round, and 20 for the second round. No exceptions.
- please mark as attending ONLY IF YOU ARE 100% SURE you will be participating, in order to leave space for those that want to play
- you can also participate for the entire day, then mark attending to both rounds
- as some people might mark attending but then not show up, try anyway to see if a spot is available, in this case the rule will be first come, first served;
- the maximum number of people sitting at each table will be limited to 4, so plan carefully which games you want to play/bring with you; no exceptions; (you can of course swap tables during the meetup)
- if you decide to participate, you accept to participate at the event at your own risk
- if you might be asked to leave/not attend in case you show signs of not being healthy and entrance might be barred to you
- if you are not feeling well, sneezing, coughing, feeling unnaturally tired, think twice whether it is the case for you to participate, in your own and other people's interests
- try not to walk in the shop and remain upstairs, unless you need to buy some drinks/games/go to the toilet;
- no pizza delivery service this time, sorry guys, let's wait for better times;
- and as always, please play fair, behave and be respectful!

Please bring 2 EUR in cash to contribute to the cost of running the event, or 3 EUR if you decide to participate to both rounds.

Game Selection
We have quite a large selection of fantastic designer board games ready to be played.
Our venue also has a bunch of games available to us.
You're welcome to bring your own games, but it's not necessary.

No previous knowledge or experience is required!
Every game session begins with someone teaching the game.

Food and Drinks
You're free to bring your own food / drinks.
Beverages are for sale at the venue.
There are many restaurants and cafes in the area.

We don't discriminate on race, age, gender, nationality, religion, language, gaming preference, or experience-level.
It's cool to be competitive but please be aware of the others around you and please be welcoming to new members.



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