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Faerûn Fyrehawks DDAL09-16 Honors Unforeseen (Tier 3) Closed Group

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An Avernus Rising Adventure

Accompanying the Chosen of Ilmater and baring the newly discovered Ward of Faithfulness, you proceed further into the tomb of the Bloody Hooves. Time is running short. Zariel’s forces hunt for you even now.

Part Two of the Doors and Corners series of adventures.

A Four to Six-Hour Adventure for 11th through 16th Level Characters. Optimized For: APL 13


Priority will be given to players who have already played in this group in the past. When possible — our waitlist is based on how many previous games you've played with us. Please keep track as we use the honour system for it. Please contact Steve Bissonnette ([masked]) if you have any questions about the adventure.

*RSVP policy*
Please be nice to other players: RSVP only if you intend to show up. If your plans change and you can't make it, please un-RSVP as soon as possible. Thank you.

*Time policy (Please arrive 15 min early)*
Please arrive prepared 15 min earlier than the stated start time. Dice roll at start time.

DM will post about current optimal character level.


If you have any questions concerning characters or playing the hardcover please refer them to one of the event organizers or your Dungeon Master.


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