Sunday, September 27

DDEP6-03: Hecatomb (Levels 11 - 20) [ONLINE]

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A Dungeons & Dragons online event hosted on Roll20.

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Sponsored and run by Geekz United. (RSVP via their Meetup event).

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"Welcome to our next Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer's League Epic Adventure!

This is HECATOMB! The grandmaster of all DDAL meatgrinder mods.

Break out your high level characters because this event will be EPIC.

"Far below the reach of the sun, dark forces seek to bring a terrible darkness into Faerûn. A great and awful host of drow, giants, and worse await your arrival. When even the dead tremble, what hope can you find?" an adventure for Characters 11-20.


- Sign up for the waitlist, and make your donation. We are collecting a $10 donation for Jesse's Journey and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Research for this game.

- You will be moved from the waitlist, to going, once your donation is confirmed.

- You may donate (or join our team and collect donations yourself!) here:

- For every dollar you donate ABOVE ten you will earn 1 reroll for the event.

- At the end of September anyone who's a member of our team, and raised $30 or more will be entered into a small prize drawing (yes, you can join our team, and donate to yourself to attend the epic)

- Please ensure that if your donation name does NOT match your meetup and discord names, you should message us to confirm.

- The game will be run on roll20 and discord.

- Our discord link is

Please note our code of conduct applies to this, and all Geekz United events."


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This event is hosted onlinely via Roll20. For more information contact the event organizer.

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