Friday, September 18

XugCon II: Up to Snow Good [ONLINE]

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A Dungeons & Dragons online event hosted on Roll20.

About this online event

Sponsored and run by Triangle Adventurers.


"Come and join Triangle Adventurers for XugCon II: Up to Snow Good on September 18th, 19th, and 20th! Each day will have two sessions of Adventure League (AL) Dungeons and Dragons 5e games spanning Tiers 1-4. These DnD games will feature icy adventures to hail the start of Season 10.

Calling All DMs!

If you would like to DM, please fill out this DM INTAKE FORM

For each game a DM runs, they will have the opportunity to reserve a priority seat in another session. We appreciate our DMs and want to make sure they have fun during the con as well.

Signing Up for Games:

Register for the event: Please include your Name and any TA-events you've attended when you register
Sign up for a specific game with a specific DM for each slot. Make sure that you are comfortable using the platform(s) listed for that session (i.e. roll20, discord).

**Sign-up priority given to local players. Remaining seats will open to the general public shortly before the event**

In order to organize players virtually, we have separated sign ups not just by adventure, but also by each DM/table for that adventure. We have also limited table size to 5 players due to the nature and difficulties of online play. Thank you for your understanding and working with us!


If you are waitlisted, feel free to join our #xugcon_help channel on Discord 10 minutes before your timeslot and we will do our best to get you seated.

Any player not in attendance 15 minutes past the official start time (without prior notice to either the organizer or GM) is considered a no-show. No-show players have their reserved seat made available to waitlisted and walk-in players. No player will be seated 30 minutes past the official start time.

If you cannot make a game you have signed up to play, please remove yourself from the play list at minimum 1 hour before the game starts.

Code of Conduct



Contact the Organizers @Emily Harmon#0076 or @Joshua Cannon#8038 on the Triangle Adventurers Discord Server. Not on our Discord yet? Join us!" (


Dungeons & Dragons

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How to play

This event is hosted onlinely via Roll20. For more information contact the event organizer.

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