Tuesday, August 4

D&D 5e. At the Mountains of Mror Holds (Level 8 Adventure)

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Within the Mror Holds is the massive holdfast of Solangap, home to Clan Soldorak the protectors of the largest mint and treasury of Khorvaire. It is well known that not only do they study and utilize the symbionts that live beneath the Mror Holds, but they have also accepted the orc clan Jhorash’tar into their own clan as well. When a crew of Minters fail to return with the gold requested by King Boranel ir’Wynarn of Breland, a search party is tasked by Boranel himself to enter the holdfast of Clan Soldorak and find out what is going on. Deep beneath Solangap, something stirs and Solan Lord Dongrimm Ironroot fears that the loss of his Minters, many of whom belong to Clan Jhorash’tar, will cause a feud among dwarves and orcs once more. What took the Minters? Why are the symbionts reacting in ways that Clan Soldorak has never seen before? Will the party pocket any gold?

A Level 8 adventure set during Eberron Nights

We invite you to join this D&D game that welcomes both newbies, beginners, and veterans alike.

DM: Rene Rodriguez - A DM who focuses on story & character and is well versed in the Eberron universe

First timers: For your first session you will choose form a pre-generated character we provide. After your first session you are welcome to keep playing this character or create a new one!

Ticket: Tickets secure players seats at the table, ensure all players are invested and committed to the coming adventure, and ensures the DM provides a high quality gaming experience. The DM and players prepare based on the expected number of players, so donations are final with no exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.



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