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HBC Wednesday Online Tournament

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A Backgammon online event hosted on Backgammon Galaxy.

About this online event

We are going to play online tournaments on every Wednesday night as long as the coronavirus prevents us from meeting live. No Entry Fee, no prize money, no side pools. These tournaments will count for HBC points. All matches will be played on Backgammon Galaxy. All matches there are clocked. It is free and easy to register on Backgammon Galaxy. To register for one of these events, let me know by email by 3PM the day of the event. We should have the draw done by 5:30 with first round matches starting by 6:30 although they can start before that. The official time control for the tournament will be Casual time control (3 minutes per point, 15 second delay). Everyone is invited to play.
Player responsibilities:
You must be registered on Backgammon Galaxy.
You must have some experience playing on Backgammon Galaxy. Don't just open your Backgammon Galaxy account right before the tournament.
10 minute break between matches. On BG Galaxy, there are no breaks during the match. With Casual Time Controls, you can take a break during the match and still have plenty of time to complete the match.
To start the match, at least one of the players has to start the match. Please, let us not have both players waiting forever for the other player to start the match. To start the match, click on "Create Game". Then click on the appropriate match length. Then click on "Casual" time control. Wait for someone to enter your game. If that player is not your tournament opponent, you have to kick them out of your game and wait for your tournament opponent to jump in your game. If you have created your game and your opponent is not responding, make sure your opponent has not created a game and is waiting for you to jump in his.
Tournament communications will be done by email. You must check your email regularly between matches and before the tournament.
When registering with me before the tournament, let me know your Backgammon Galaxy name if I don't know it already.
You must email me the match results in a timely fashion.

What I will try to do--When a match is ready I will email both players with the match length.
I will try to take a picture of the bracket from time to time and keep everyone up to date.
I will try to keep an eye out for players who are not starting their matches in a timely fashion.
When we get back to normal, these online tournaments will probably go by the wayside. We are a live backgammon club. This is just a way to stay somewhat active in these times.
Something else I should deal with right now--internet disruptions. If you are playing a match and your opponent's time may look to keep counting down for a minute or 90 seconds and your opponent has not made a move. There is a good chance that you are disconnected from the site, not your opponent. If this happens, X out of the BG Galaxy window. Open a new window with Backgammon Galaxy. Find your match on the list of matches (you may have to change page numbers at the bottom). Click on "Reconnect" and the screen should go back to your match. If your opponent's time is still counting down, he simply hasn't made his move yet. In all cases, whoever Backgammon Galaxy says won the match by score will be the official winner.



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How to play

This event is hosted onlinely via Backgammon Galaxy. For more information contact the event organizer.

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