Thursday, July 2

D&D 5e. EBERRON: Eldritch Crucible (Level 5 Adventure)

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On the eve of the Penitence Ball, an annual event hosted by the elite of House Cannith to memorialize and make amends for what happened during the Day of Mourning, a House Warforged named Sentinel has been taken. The three barons of House Cannith, Alchemist Jorlanna of Fairhaven, weaponsmith Zorlan of Korth, amd innovator of the Warforged, Merrix of Sharn, have called upon a group of agents to find the missing warforged before the Ball begins and the arrival of the heads of the Dragonmarked Houses.

Your only lead is a note with two words scrawled out by Sentinel: Eldritch Crucible.

Who or what is the Eldritch Crucible? Why was Sentinel taken and will our intrepid adventurers find the Warforged before the Ball begins?

A 3 hour- Level 5 adventure that is the first part of a much larger story beginning at the Shining Towers of Sharn and spanning the world of Eberron.

We invite you to join this D&D game that welcomes both newbies, beginners, and veterans alike.

DM: Rene Rodriguez - A DM who focuses on story & character and is well versed in the Eberron universe

First timers: For your first session you will choose form a pre-generated character we provide. After your first session you are welcome to keep playing this character or create a new one!

Ticket: Tickets secure players seats at the table, ensure all players are invested and committed to the coming adventure, and ensures the DM provides a high quality gaming experience. The DM and players prepare based on the expected number of players, so donations are final with no exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.



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