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A Open Gaming online event.

About this online event


Invite your friends!!!! We'll have Quarantine Trivia every Thursday night until Team Trivia returns to Gettemeier's again.


I'll ask the questions. We'll have 6 categories with 10 questions in each for regular rounds for a total of 60 possible points. No mulligans. You won't lose points for wrong answers.

After I read all 10 questions for the category, you'll be given time to come up with your answers. If we're playing teams, I'll send team members to a separate room where you can chat about your answers without being heard by others.

I'll give you my telephone number and you can text your answers to me. Alternatively, we can go into a separate room and you can tell me your answers.

After the 3rd and 6th categories there will be one bonus question. I'll tell you the category and your team will decide how many points you want to bet for the question. If you're correct, you'll gain the number of points you bet. If wrong, you'll lose the number of points you bet.

You'll be able to see the running scores of all individuals/ teams.


We'll meet in our Meetup Zoom Room. To get into the room where we'll be playing, follow these 3 steps. (IMPORTANT: If you've never used Zoom on the device you'll be using, begin this process by 6. Many have encountered problems along the way.)

1. There is a link listed but in the past many people said they couldn't find it. If you see the link, use that. However, I'll also send a link to all attendees Thursday. Be sure to message me if you haven't received the link by 6:00 Thursday night. I'll post a comment here when I send the link.

2. Once you follow the link, one of 2 things will happen:

*** If you're using a device that's never used Zoom before, you'll be prompted to install Zoom. Follow the installation instructions, but you might not be able to enter the room by entering the room ID. If you can't get in this way, you'll need to go back to the link. Click on the link to enter the room.

*** If you've used Zoom on your current device, you'll be taken straight into the room.

3. Following the link puts you in a virtual room. This room is Becky's Meetup Zoom Room. The first time you enter Becky's Meetup Zoom Room, you'll need to give Zoom permissions. Once you give permissions for this room, it will always remember your choice for this room.

Join audio - then choose "Call via Device audio" (this will allow you to hear us and us to hear you)

Start video (choose this if you want us to see you)

Beginning Monday April 13, all my Zoom Virtual Meetups will use the same link.


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