Sunday, June 14

Beginners D&D One-Shot: Rybalka (Slots available! Be sure to read description)

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A Dungeons & Dragons online event.

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Note: To join this game, you need to register via the Eventbrite link (free). Read on.

if you've played a beginner game with me before, don't sign up via Eventbrite. Contact me first, because we may be re-running an adventure you know.

• Game: D&D 5e - Level 1, introductory adventure. You are visiting the frontier town of Rybalka, in the shadow of the Krow mountains. Known for its Cockatrice Grand Prix and annual Overunder Fall Festival, the town also serves as a jumping-off point to exploring secluded forests and sharp, snow-covered peaks. It sounds like the perfect place to pit-stop between adventures. What could go wrong?

• Group type: Zoom video; use your own physical or digital dice.

• Experience: Anyone. I'm DMing after a break, so I may be a bit rusty :).

• Schedule: You only need to be available this one day and time.

• Player slots available: 4. Feel free to RSVP via Meetup to show your support. Register via Eventbrite if you're sure you can attend (and if you've played a beginner game with me before, after you've checked in with me).

• One-Shot or Campaign: One-shot.

• Game style: The adventure will include role-playing, exploring and combat. Absolute beginners are welcome, as are more experienced players looking to help introduce newcomers to the game. This is "Theater of the mind," so we will not be using a virtual tabletop (an online service). Please create a level 1 character on D&D Beyond ( or follow an official D&D ruleset to create your character. Use the standard array for your ability scores, or check in with me if you'd like to take a different approach. I can also provide you with a pre-generated character if you prefer. Plan to get your character set with me in advance.

• How to sign up or get in touch for more info: Register via Eventbrite:

Your Eventbrite registration confirmation will include the Zoom invitation link. My email: [masked].


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