Sunday, May 31

D&D Basics Workshop

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A Dungeons & Dragons online event.

About this online event

This use to be called out Beer & Basics of D&D workshop when heald at breweries. Beer is not required, but feel free to have a refreshing beverage on hand. This session is for those interested in learning the basics of D&D and the essentials to keep in mind when teaching others. This is a chance to This meeting will focus on on how getting started with D&D. Based on your interests it will focus on:

* Basic game rules: Encounters, Combat Rules, Spells, Adventuring Rules
* Basics of Character Creation
* Whatever wels you might have questions about!


While we do recommend purchasing a D&D Players Handbook (available in paperback or digitally through everything will be provided for you!

(Pencils, character sheets, dice, miniatures, and books will all be available to you for this session.)

Ticket: Tickets secure players seats at the table, ensure all players are invested and committed to the coming adventure, and ensures the DM provides a high quality gaming experience. The DM and players prepare based on the expected number of players, so donations are final with no exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.

(Please purchase a some drinks at either location. Non alcoholic beverages and food will also be available. Spectators are welcome!)


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