Sunday, May 24

Learning to Run D&D for Friends & Family (Beginners DM Workshop)

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A Dungeons & Dragons online event.

About this online event

So you are stuck at home! You've had your fill of Netflix, movie theaters are closed, you are tired of scrolling through social media, and your favorite book is complete. This is the perfect time to call some friends up, or gather the family together and run a game of D&D for them! Turn a boring Zoom happy hour into an adventure! Turn children's bed time stories into adventures they can take part in! This amazing power is in your hands. You don't have to be a great storyteller. You just need the right tools, direction, and some passion to share a story with others.

This workshop is specifically designed for beginner Dungeon Masters who want to hone their skills running the game while creating compelling sessions for their players. Whether you are home brewing or using published campaign modules, this session will help you. If you are completely new to DMing and want to learn the mechanics and techniques of running your own Dungeons and Dragons adventures, this session will cover you. It will focus on techniques to help you run character driven engaging stories. (For a one on one DM consultation please message me.)

RSVP: If attending please click RSVP and send payment of $25 to VENMO account: @Malcolm-TrotterII

Topics we MAY cover in this workshop based on interest:

* What you need to start DMing
* How to prepare for a session
* Developing your own stories and hooks
* Developing fun and compelling encounters for a session.
* Using modules/ & published adventures and how to make them your
* How to open and close each session.
* Focusing on your characters and establishing an "emotionally" investing story

Becoming a Dungeon Master takes both aspects of referee and narrator and combines them in a delicate balancing act. This workshop will cover the basic principles of running your own group as well as equip you with specific tools to use while running your first adventure.

About your host
My name is Malcolm (Gentleman Gamemaster) and I’m a Professional Dungeon Master. I've been organizing games for people who want to play and learn about the hobby for over 4 years consecutively. I've been roleplaying and gaming for over 25 years. I have a background in art direction and event coordination. I am extremely passionate about this game and believe that the better we are at being great DMs, the more enjoyable this game will be for all players!

What should you bring?
Please bring any materials/stories you'd like to discuss. A notebook and pen or digital device to take notes.


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