Saturday, May 23

Online Gaming: Board Game Arena

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A Pandemic online event hosted on Board Game Arena.

About this online event

The image above just about describes how I feel our group has changed since the global pandemic. While we may be gaming further away, a lot of us are still making an effort to stay connected. It also happens to be my avatar on Board Game Arena.

The main focus of this meetup will be playing games on But I would not be against playing some of the Jackbox Games or tabletop games from some other website. Whatever people are up for really.

We will be using Zoom to connect. I will post a link to the meeting in the comment section about 10 minutes before noon.

Just a reminder that if you realize that you cannot make it to please switch your attendance status so we know how many are attending before we start.



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This event is hosted onlinely via Board Game Arena. For more information contact the event organizer.

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