Monthly on Thursdays

Starfinder RPG - "Skitter Shot"👤

Guardian Games

A board game event at Guardian Games in Portland, OR.


Starfinder "Skitter Shot" introductory module for new and experienced players alike.

When a routine salvage operation goes awry, the Skittermanders (3' tall, 6-armed furry aliens) Dakoyo, Gazigaz, Nako, and Quonx must board a luxurious cruise liner controlled by a rogue artificial intelligence to save their Vesk boss and a group of hapless passengers.

No experience needed, dice and characters are provided.
Name: Arc Riley
Phone: 4158051024
Reservation date: 08/16/2018
Start time: 6pm
End time: 10pm
Repeat this event? Monthly, 3rd Thursday
How many participants? 4-7
Looking for more players? Yes - sign up at
Desired room in store: General Area
What kind of table do you need? Tabletop RPG
What game are you playing? Starfinder

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Date and Time

Monthly on Thursdays
Next: August 22

5:00pm - 9:00pm AKDT


Guardian Games

345 SE Taylor St
Portland, OR 97214

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